The Truth About Daisy The Dog, The Discs & The Donations

Daisy The Dog

Daisy, a four-year-old yellow Labrador retriever, is no ordinary dog. She has a unique talent for finding lost Frisbee golf discs in the woods near a disc golf course at Grand Vue Park in West Virginia.

Daisy’s owner, Kelly Mason, first noticed her dog’s obsession with finding lost discs four years ago. Since then, Daisy has retrieved a staggering 155 discs, which Mason has been collecting in her basement.

Mason’s friend suggested that they sell the discs as a fundraiser for the park, and that’s when Daisy’s Discs was born.

Discs with the owner’s name on them will be returned to their rightful owners, and unclaimed discs will be sold to the public for $5 or $10. The proceeds will go towards maintaining the park’s disc golf courses and buying new equipment, including baskets.

Ben Bolock, the park’s assistant general manager, believes that Daisy is able to find the lost discs because she can smell the plastic and other materials they’re made from. “I believe she can smell them, and that’s why she immediately starts for them and sniffs them out,” he said. “She’s an incredibly smart dog.”

Daisy’s Discs has already generated a lot of excitement on social media, with Bolock posting a photo of Daisy with the discs and a notice on Facebook. “This is all in the early stages, but I think Daisy’s Discs is going to be a fun success,” he said. “People are really excited about it. There’s no telling how many discs might still be lost out there, and Daisy just might find them.

In addition to being a skilled disc retriever, Daisy is also training to become a therapy dog at nursing homes, public schools, and libraries. Mason said that Daisy is a patient and gentle dog who gets along with everyone she meets.

“She’s the love of my life and she’s made me a proud mama,” she said. “She’s very sociable and loves everyone she meets, especially people we come across on paths in the park.”

Daisy’s Discs is not only a great way to raise funds for the park, but it’s also a heartwarming story about a dog with a unique talent and a love for helping others.

Daisy’s dedication to finding lost discs is a testament to the bond between humans and animals, and a reminder that even the smallest acts of kindness can make a big difference.

Source: Washington Post