Meet the Maker Extending the Lifespan of Everyday Objects with Free 3D-Printed Repairs

Morley Kert

Do you ever find yourself throwing away everyday items because you don’t know how to fix them? Well, one man is on a mission to change that.

Meet Morley Kert – a maker, fixer, and content creator who is extending the lifespan of everyday objects with his 3D printer.

Inspired by popular fix-it YouTuber Van Neistat, Kert decided to take his 3D printer on a field trip to offer free 3D-printed repairs in public spaces. His first stop was the Maker Bean Cafe in Toronto, where he set up shop with a “Free 3D Printed Repairs” sign, his laptop, tools, and printer, and waited for his first “customer.”

Community members quickly trickled in with their broken items, from sunglasses to water bottle lids. Kert was able to make simple, yet significant fixes with his perfectly-carved filament pieces. His mission is to keep everyday items out of landfills and encourage a circular economy future.

Kert’s free repair events have expanded to public parks and even London, where he fixes immersion blenders, hair dryers, music stands, and bicycle parts. His creativity and resourcefulness are inspiring a new generation of sustainable thinkers.

Join us in celebrating Morley Kert and his mission to extend the lifespan of everyday objects with his 3D printer. Let’s do our part to reduce waste and encourage a circular economy future.

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