From Hurricane Survivor to Lawyer: The Inspiring Story of Laneyscha Echevarria

How One Woman Overcame Adversity to Achieve Her Dreams and Help Others

The inspiring story of Laneyscha Echevarria is one that will leave you feeling motivated and inspired! After leaving her hurricane-ravaged home in Puerto Rico, Laneyscha’s path to success was filled with obstacles and setbacks.

But through unbelievable timing and persistence, she recently opened her own real estate law office, L. Echevarria Attorneys at Law, in Carpenter’s Crossing along Kings Highway in Lewes.

Laneyscha’s journey began with a chance meeting with Lewes-area sailor and contractor Scott Gaston in 2016 near her home in Puerto Rico. It was Gaston and his wife, Achareeya, who opened their home to Laneyscha following the devastation of her hometown in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

After moving to Lewes, Laneyscha realized there was a great need for a Spanish-speaking real estate lawyer in the area. She devoted her time to passing the Delaware Bar Exam and found work at local law firms. But she didn’t stop there. Laneyscha’s goal of passing the Delaware Bar Exam became a mission and one that, at times, seemed impossible. But with persistence, determination, and the support of her life partner Sohany Lopez, she finally passed the exam on her fourth try in 2022.

Now, Laneyscha is building her business with a niche as the only real estate lawyer speaking fluent Spanish, and she also understands the culture. Her office is unlike any other lawyer’s office, with a paperless system and the best technology. Laneyscha wants to be personable, very reachable, and approachable all the time.

Laneyscha’s story is a true American success story that is only just beginning. She hopes to inspire other young Hispanics and give back to the community through her involvement with La Plaza Delaware, providing free legal classes to Hispanic business owners.

Everyone who meets Laneyscha is overwhelmed by her enthusiasm, persistence, and heartwarming personality. She is a true inspiration and a reminder that with hard work and determination, anything is possible!

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